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Q: What are the benefits to being part of the legacy Residents Association?
The Residents Association’s goal is to operate, maintain and repair certain recreational facilities and amenities, reserve lands, park lands, signage, lights, decorative lights, walkways, neighborhood entry monument signs, clock tower, traffic circles, landscaping, ornamental features and other features and improvements, and certain upgraded landscaping and irrigation facilities within certain medians and boulevards, all located or to be located within or adjacent to that community in the City of Calgary.

There is also the possibility for the Association to have full time staff to organize events and community initiatives on behalf of the entire community, including Christmas light parades, Movie Nights and Stampede Breakfasts.

Q: What is the difference between a Residents and a Community Association?
In Legacy, there are certain amenities and assets which, because of their unique nature, could not otherwise be provided, as the City would not normally accept responsibility for their maintenance. We intend to hold Legacy to a higher standard than other communities and therefore have created entry gates and fences that would not normally be maintained by the City of Calgary. Other benefits include enhanced maintenance of City Boulevards. A residents association handles the maintenance of the community amenities.

A community Association’s purpose is to give a community a voice and is open and voluntary to anyone in the city. The community association does not contribute to any community upkeep after the developer has finished the community. Other communities who do not have a Residents Association set up by the developer have petitioned the City to collect additional taxes through local improvement bylaws to fund enhanced maintenance of open spaced owned by the City.

Q: Who elects the board of Directors and when does that occur?
These positions are decided by way of nominations at an annual meeting when they can be challenged/altered. As more of Legacy is built, the Board of Directors will be turned over to the residents. WestCreek Developments reserves the right to appoint a certain number of Directors to the Residents Association, based on the remaining inventory owned.

Q: Do all residents in Legacy pay a Residents Association fee?
All Residents living in both single family and multi-family developments within Legacy will pay Residents Association Fees.

Q: Who Collects the Residents Association Fee?
The Residents Association Fees are collected by the Legacy Residents Association. When are the Fees collected? Fees are due annually on June 1st.

Q: How Much are my Fees?

Single Family Home – $5/ month or $60/ year

Multi Family Home – $3/ month or $36/ year

Q: Do I live in a Single Family Home or a Multifamily Home?
All homes in Legacy are qualified as a Single Family Homes unless you live in a Carlisle, Aldebaran or Brad Remington Home development.

Q: Will I Receive a newsletter in advance of the upcoming bill?
Residents will be notified by mail and by the Legacy eNewsletter, at the Annual General Meeting, and or other meetings as appropriate.

Q: How is the money collected for the Residents Association Collected?
Fees may be paid by cheque mailed to the address listed below. Please make your cheque payable to the Legacy Residents Association,

Legacy Residents Association Ltd
210, 30 Glendeer Circle SE
Calgary, AB, T2H 2Z7


Online – Paying fees online will be an extra charge per transaction in order to cover online payment fees per transaction

Interest is applied to all accounts outstanding after June 30th, 2017. Residents are also reminded that all delinquent accounts after June 30th, 2017 are subject to interest charges. If you have any further questions regarding fee payment, please contact us at 403-263-8111.

Q: What if I moved to Legacy in 2017?

If you became a resident during 2017 you will pay pro-rated fees to your move in date and will not be able to pay your fees online, please contact to find out what you owe.


Click on the Map below to see what sites are enhanced by the Legacy Residents Association within 2016/2-17, and by the end of the buildout.


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