Legacy Community of the Year

Home Owners Association Fees

  Regular fees were due June 1st – Interest has been applied

Contact accounts@legacyresidents.ca  or 403-263-8111 for your interest balance if you have not yet paid your 2017 fees

The Legacy Residents Association is a not-for-profit company created for the residents of Legacy, with the intent of augmenting the lifestyle in Legacy. The goal is to create a sense of community and pride in ownership, by creating an attractive atmosphere and increasing the community interaction. With all residents contributing funds annually, the Residents Association will be ensured an affordable source of revenue to maintain the amenities and lands they have inherited from West Pine Creek Developments, as well as to provide community events to the residents of Legacy.

Please be advised that Residents Association fees are due annually, in perpetuity on June 1st. Interest at a rate of Prime + 8% will be applied to all accounts outstanding after June 30th, 2017. All homes in Legacy are qualified as a Single Family Homes unless you live in a Carlisle, Aldebaran, Brad Remington Home or Trico Townhome development. Paying Fees online will include an extra charge in order to cover online payment fees per transaction.

Should you have any further questions regarding fees, please contact accounts@legacyresidents.ca or call (403) 263-8111. For general information about the Residents Association and community events, please contact info@legacyresidents.ca.

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